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Learning Activities

The Museum organizes daily guided tours for school students, university students and groups in Greek, English and French, subject to prior arrangement. The museum also offers learning programs for school students and preschool children throughout the year.

Cultural Events

The Museum’s ground floor functions as a multipurpose hall where lectures, conferences, film showings, periodical exhibitions etc, are held. During summer period the yard areas are suitable for holding concerts and theatrical performances, under the rock of the Acropolis.


The Museum actively participates in research programs. Over the 2004–2006 period, in the context of the Information Society program, Measure 1.3, invitation 65 entitled “Digitization and Presentation of the Athens University’s History Museum” the Museum was given the opportunity of digitalizing a large part of its collections and to establish an integral system of managing and promoting the Museum’s material. This material is electronically available on the Museum’s website http:/www.history-museum.uoa.gr. The digitized exhibits are available in various forms (picture, panorama, three dimensional models) and in different analyses and qualities. In addition, the website visitor may take a virtual tour of the Museum’s areas. Accompanying information is available in Greek, English and French. In the context of the above program’s excellency, the Museum collaborated with Athens University’s Historical Archive for the research project “Establishment of a single web site for the History Museum and Athens University’s Historic Archive” (invitation 172, Measure 1.3 “Information Society” program). The results of the project are available in Greek, English, Spanish and Chinese, on the website www.chronologio.uoa.gr. The interactive application Collectors of Stories was set up in the context of the project and may be found in the above website. In 2009 the conservation, record and documentation of the Athens University portraits was completed. This activity lead to the publication of the book The Portrait Collection of the Athens University.