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In 2015, the renovation and restoration works in the Museum's Annexe at 16, Tholou Str., were completed. The two-floor building was concessed by the Ministry of Culture to the University and in 2019, two periodical exhibitions were organised and curated by the Museum's staff in both floors. The first is dedicated to the professors - members of the first Senate of the University of Athens (1837-1838), who paved the way for the organization of tertiary education in Greece and the operation of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. On display for the first time in one space, the portraits of these first Professors narrate also the University tradition of commissioning portraits of Professors to artists. This exhibition concludes with a documentary  filmed on the occasion of the celebration of 180 years since the University's inauguration and directed in 2017 by Mrs E. Stefanis, Associate Professor at the Department of Media Studies.

The exhibition organised in the ground floor is entitled "University of Athens: People and Buildings" and presents the rich architectural heritage of the University of Athens, as well as the relationship of the academic community with the buildings. The section "The University of Athens inside its' walls" illustrates the story of the University's infrastructure since the 19th century and its development in order to cover the needs of the lively and growing academic community.   The section "The University of Athens outside its' walls" illuminates the timelessly social character of the University, as this unfolds outside the borders of the protective cell of the educational institution.

The visitors to the Annexe can also admire an extraordinary view to the Hill of the Acropolis.