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The Book Collection

The collection includes the first Greek academic editions of books for Law, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, History, Philosophy, Archaeology and Linguistics, as well as other works by Athens University’s first Professors, academic yearbooks and old and rare editions, works of the Greek Enlightenment.

Printed Matter Collection

The collection includes newspapers, journals, yearbooks, leaflets of Deans’ speeches and anniversary speeches, Ph.D. theses and printed copies.

Manuscript Collection

The collection includes hand written books, records, letters and notes.

Scientific Instruments Collection

These instruments were used mainly in the context of teaching astronomy, medicine, physics, chemistry and pharmacology. The Museum collection constitutes part of the large collection of scientific instruments, which is located at the building of the Old Chemistry Laboratory, on Solonos and Charilaou Trikoupi Streets.

Photographs Collection

This collection is mainly made up of portraits of Professors and photographs of life at the University (anniversary events, souvenir photographs of teaching, buildings etc.)

Memorabilia Collection

Among other things this collection includes the First Student Register (1837–1867), the first Protocol, receipts of enrollment, student cards, flags, cups as well as the University’s Banner (1887).

Collection of Documents

This mainly includes hand written letters sent to the University on occasion of the various anniversaries of its foundation (75, 100 and 150 years), from Universities abroad, Schools of Archaeology, Greek schools, and also from schools in Constantinople, Smyrna, Adrianopolis etc.

Portrait Collection

This collection constitutes part of Athens University’s portrait collection. These are portraits of Greek Professors and benefactors of the University, chiefly works by Greek painters. It also includes a small collection of portraits of the Nation’s Teachers.

Medal Collection

This collection includes Medals of the University, the Academy of Athens, as well as military ones.

Seal Collection

This collection goes back to the foundation of the University (1837), when it was still called The Ottonian University and its symbol was King Otto’s emblem. It includes seals of the University with the various names it acquired, seals of the Schools and its various branches.