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The Museum became a member of UNIVERSEUM - Academic Heritage Network in 2014.

The Museum co-ordinated the 16th Annual Meeting of the UNIVERSEUM members in 2015, which was held in Athens.

The Proceedings of the Meeting were entitled "Turning European Academic Heritage Inside Out: Collections, Audiences, Stakeholders" and were published in 2018 by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. They can be found here:


(Editors: Marlen Mouliou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Sebastien Soubiran, University of Strasbourg - Sofia Talas, University of Padova - Roland Wittje, Indian Institute of Technology)

Αthens Museums and Cultural Institutions Network

Since 2011, the Museum is a member of the Athens Museums and Cultural Organisations Network. 

This initiative is based on three trajectories:

  • the creation of a common ground for communication,
  • the exchange of expertise and the co-operation between members in addressing specialised problems and
  • organising join events and shared plans.

The Network’s aims are:

  • to strengthen partcipants’ voices,
  • to elaborate multifaceted schemes and,
  • to approach and involve larger audience groups in cultural agendas.

It is an efficient ‘instrument’ serving educational and cultural ends by deploying contemporary strategies. 40 museums and cultural institutions are already participating in it.

The Athens University History Museum has participated in all common events and has co-ordinated the following events:

- "Our own Athens" (2014)

- "Athens: Neighbourhoods and Museums" (2012)